Month: May 2013

French Roast Chicken w/Garlic Fries

Dominique’s Kitchen – Redondo Beach, CA

Dominique’s Kitchen has happy hour on Monday’s only. I went once and really enjoyed the $3 wine and $3 apps like Parmesan Kale Chips. So, last night, I was in the mood for French food but without all the frou frou trimmings. I wanted a neighborhood feel! That led me back to Domnique’s Kitchen. It’s […]

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Who’s feeling great today? I know I am! – Sara Bareilles “Brave”

Watching this video just makes me smile.

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Holy, crackpot! This is seriously ridiculous…ly hilarious! The Lonely Island f. Robyn “Go Kindergarten”

New music by The Lonely Island f. Robyn. Yeah, I said it. Robyn is on this ridiculously hilarious track. Please, just listen to the lyrics and then laugh out loud. It’s so catchy too!

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Cold Sliced Beef

Dumpling House – Gardena, CA

On Memorial Day, we hit up the very newly opened Dumpling House in Gardena for lunch. I was super excited to find a place that made xiao long bao’s relatively close to me. Dumpling House just opened at the beginning of the month and despite the mixed Yelp reviews, I didn’t care. I had to […]

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Holy moly! It rose??!

Recipe: King’s Hawaiian “Leftover” Apricot & White Cherry Cobbler

Now for another addition to our “leftovers” recipe series. You know, since I enjoy trying new restaurants all the time, my fridge often looks like a war zone. The Asian in me just can’t let things go to waste! So, I try to repurpose them whenever I can. I can honestly say that this is […]

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Sleepy bear...

Memorial weekend spent in sun and sangria!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial holiday. I know I sure did! The whole weekend has been full of equal parts gluttony and exercise. *sigh* Story of my life. The day before, Memorial Day, I ran 6 miles on the beach…without SPF. Ooops. And though I’m not usually a sun worshiper, I did […]

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Leftovers Bastardized Seafood Paella

Recipe: ‘Leftovers’ Seafood Paella

So remember all the carnage from the Boiling Shrimp? Yeah, well the pounds of leftovers are put to good use with my bastardized seafood paella. It’s a bit of effort and a lot of time but it’s so worth it. First, you have to shell and de-head the shrimp, reserving the meat for later. Take […]

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Sunsets in Summer

Sunsets and ocean views!

Happy Memorial Weekend, everyone! I spent a “lazy” Sunday running 6 miles + 1 mile walking = 7 total miles. Then, I ruined it with Indian buffet. hahaha After that, I passed out for a long nap in the warm afternoon sun. I grew up in the midwest where summer times meant humidity and heat […]

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Chicken Wings!

The Boiling Crab…wait, I mean Boiling Shrimp (a.k.a. The Boiling Crab knockoff) – Redondo Beach, CA

There is a magical place with multiple locations (all totally inconvenient from me in Redondo Beach) and it’s called the Boiling Crab. The seafood is fresh and perfectly cooked (most of the time) and the seasoning is overwhelmingly salty/spicy and swimming in garlic…just the way I like it… …this is not that place. This place […]

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King's Hawaiian rolls

King’s Hawaiian Restaurant & Bakery – Torrance, CA

King’s Hawaiian makes the most wonderful buns. Sweet, soft and chewy!…Unfortunately, their restaurant really isn’t that great. BUT, Hawaiian food is generally meh. That’s not to say I don’t love eating Hawaiian food (actually, I probably could’ve just stopped at “I love eating.”). On the contrary, I love eating Hawaiian food. I’m just honest when […]

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