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Father’s Day brunch a.k.a. ‘mostly’ ladies’ lunch @ home…

An impromptu plan to get together turned into a homemade brunch spread of smoked salmon tartine, custard french toast, chicken sausage & kale frittata, and a nice bottle of rosé. The gorgeous California weather cooperated and we enjoyed the sun and sea views from the deck. I will definitely be posting my custard french toast […]

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Breakfast in bed!

Breakfast in bed? Yes, please.

The best part of waking up…is coffee in your cup while lying in bed with a sweet roll. Okay, yes, these are the Pillsbury in-a-can variety. But A-for-effort! And let’s not be a food snob. These were delicious. I pledge to actually wake up early and be pleasant…if I am greeted with these offerings every […]

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Sleepy bear...

Memorial weekend spent in sun and sangria!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial holiday. I know I sure did! The whole weekend has been full of equal parts gluttony and exercise. *sigh* Story of my life. The day before, Memorial Day, I ran 6 miles on the beach…without SPF. Ooops. And though I’m not usually a sun worshiper, I did […]

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Sunsets in Summer

Sunsets and ocean views!

Happy Memorial Weekend, everyone! I spent a “lazy” Sunday running 6 miles + 1 mile walking = 7 total miles. Then, I ruined it with Indian buffet. hahaha After that, I passed out for a long nap in the warm afternoon sun. I grew up in the midwest where summer times meant humidity and heat […]

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G'nite throwback

You Never Need Nobody by The Lone Bellow

You Never Need Nobody by The Lone Bellow You never need nobody You’ve never been alone And I try to get your affection And all I ever do is wrong

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Lessons we learn.

Ok, things not to watch when in public on a full flight to LA. You will want to be in private so you can bawl your eyes out like a baby. I had to hide my tears and snot quietly while watching all 22 minutes of a beautiful life. When my uncle died, it taught […]

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Long nights till sleep…

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. – Robert Frost –

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Rainy days in NYC are best spent relaxing indoors.  :)

Carving Joy

The past few years have been hard but also full of joy and it’s been finding the happiness in the difficult events life puts us through that has been so surprising and fulfilling. I think the hardships in life teach you to enjoy all the pleasure the world has to offer. Earning money makes you […]

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