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Holy moly! It rose??!

Recipe: King’s Hawaiian “Leftover” Apricot & White Cherry Cobbler

Now for another addition to our “leftovers” recipe series. You know, since I enjoy trying new restaurants all the time, my fridge often looks like a war zone. The Asian in me just can’t let things go to waste! So, I try to repurpose them whenever I can. I can honestly say that this is […]

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Leftovers Bastardized Seafood Paella

Recipe: ‘Leftovers’ Seafood Paella

So remember all the carnage from the Boiling Shrimp? Yeah, well the pounds of leftovers are put to good use with my bastardized seafood paella. It’s a bit of effort and a lot of time but it’s so worth it. First, you have to shell and de-head the shrimp, reserving the meat for later. Take […]

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