Scallops & Oysters!

Fishing with Dynamite nets some awesome seafood! – Manhattan Beach, CA

After a hectic day of errands and runs that took me as far as Simi Valley (ugh!), I was able to get home at a decent hour…in fact, I was able to get home in time for happy hour! So, we looked for a new destination in our hood. Fishing with Dynamite has been on my radar since before it opened. But as with any highly anticipated restaurant opening (of which we have too few in the South Bay), this place was sure to be packed whenever I did think to go. While FWD has no happy hour (boo), the food was nonetheless delicious (albeit, definitely not cheap).

We arrived a little after 4pm and promptly sat at the bar. The place was already half full by the time we were there. Keep in mind, it is a tiny dining room. The bartender, recommended a nice white to go with the anticipated oysters the place is so well known for. The muscadet was fruitier than I liked but also dry, and as with any wine, I’d drink it regardless. Continue Reading

: lorde

Lorde “Tennis Court” – Indie pop in kiwi form…welcome from the NZ!

She’s got a bangin’ beat, a killer vibe and a quirky, yet still relatable voice. Wait till it gets to the 0:43 mark and the beat really kicks it up.

Fritto Misto for 2!

Fantastic neighborhood Italian @ Fritto Misto – Hermosa Beach, CA

I love fancy meals as much as the next gourmande but there’s something so warm and satisfying about dining at a neighborhood restaurant…especially when it’s as good as Fritto Misto. Fritto Misto is in Hermosa Beach right on Pier Ave. on the way down to the strip of bars/club along the beach. There is almost always a wait starting as early as 7pm. It’s the kind of casual eatery where families love to congregate. The portions are plentiful and the prices more than fair even with its prime locale.

Roomie Melissa was starving today. We convinced ourselves that we would run it off, so, carb loading made total sense…We are liars. Continue Reading

American Authors – Believers

Totally digging the ear candy that American Authors is serving up with their song “Believers”. I heard a snippet on last night’s So You Think You Can Dance and had to google the lyrics right away to find out who it was…my work is your gain! Enjoy!


Chez Soi [Happy Hour] – Manhattan Beach

Chez Soi is the new restaurant in the old Sashi Sushi space in Manhattan Beach. I loved Sashi but for whatever reason, they couldn’t make it work and it shuttered to make way for the collaboration between a frenchman, a TV star and noted chef…yeah, it almost sounds like the beginning of a punchline. But Chez Soi is anything but a joke. The food is delicious! And I wouldn’t expect anything less of former Eva proprietor and chef, Mark Gold who now helms the Chez Soi kitchen.

I used to love the feel of Eva with it’s casual but still classy feel. The food was always rustic but the flavors so carefully crafted. What I didn’t love about Eva was the tendency towards particularities…for instance, on one such Sunday Supper night at the ol’Eva, they were serving fried chicken…without hot sauce! Blasphemy! hahaha But in all seriousness, we begged and pleaded for some hot sauce…any hot sauce and they were finally able to scrounge up some Tapatio from the kitchen staff’s stashed supply like some contraband condiment. Mark Gold was also known to have responded to a few negative reviews on Yelp. My family owns restaurants in the midwest so I get the overwhelming desire to respond…but the best advice I can give is just don’t do it. And honestly, at least for me, he never had to defend his food. Even with his penchant for particulars, Eva was one of my favorite make-the-drive restaurants. I was sad to see it shutter and ecstatic to see him reestablished in my neck of the woods! Continue Reading

Breakfast in bed!

Breakfast in bed? Yes, please.

Breakfast in bed!

Breakfast in bed!

The best part of waking up…is coffee in your cup while lying in bed with a sweet roll. Okay, yes, these are the Pillsbury in-a-can variety. But A-for-effort! And let’s not be a food snob. These were delicious. I pledge to actually wake up early and be pleasant…if I am greeted with these offerings every morning. Make it happen.


Library Bar @ The Roosevelt Hotel w/food from Public Kitchen & Bar

Last night was the L.A. premiere for Channeling a lil’ independent film I worked on. It showed at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood during the Dances with Films festival. We played to a packed house! But pre-show, we had to take advantage of the fact that we were actually outside our regular South Bay neighborhood and enjoy some food and booze with the crew!

The Roosevelt Hotel is a swanky, 1920’s Hollywood hotel. Back in the early 2000’s up to maybe five years ago, The Roosevelt Hotel had some major hotspots for dining and drinking. Now at days, it’s mostly known as a drinking scene. Public Kitchen & Bar has since moved into the space vacated by Dakota Steakhouse. And while it’s been there for a couple years now, yesterday was the first time I had a chance to actually visit. We planned to meet the crew at The Library Bar for drinks and on the way from the theatre to The Roosevelt, we almost broke down and bought some dirty dogs from the multiple stands around the corner as we didn’t know whether or not The Library Bar actually served food. Lo and behold, they did; they served the Public Kitchen & Bar’s food! Continue Reading

Shrimp & Lobster Pot Pie

Red Lobster [Shrimp & Lobster Pot Pie!] – Torrance, CA

I never watch commercials…but the words “Shrimp & Lobster Pot Pie” caught my internal fat person’s attention (i.e. my true self). Now, at this point, I must preface with the fact that I was born and raised in the midwest. Anyone from a small town will tell you that certain chain restaurants like Olive Garden and Red Lobster are THE go to places for a special occasion. We grow up thinking that this prepackaged, processed, frozen-not-fresh food is fancy and gourmet just because it’s slicker than the mom and pop shops around town. After going to college and living in major metropolitan cities and traveling around the world, I know better…but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good chain meal every now and then!

Frankly, I’m not a food snob. I enjoy a frito pie as much as foie gras (okay, “as much” is probably a little generous…but you get my drift!). So, when I saw the commercial for a Shrimp & Lobster Pot Pie at Red Lobster, I had to go. Continue Reading

Ever seen Asian girls try to twerk?!…

…well, you won’t see it here either! Man, we tried. We really did. We watched this video over and over and 3 of us tried. But for the life of us, we cannot do it! I think perhaps we just don’t have enough ass to pop it like she does. Regardless of how foolish or awesome you look while trying to follow this instructional video, I guarantee, it is a major workout. And if all else fails, do it with your girlfriends (or even boyfriends) for a core workout from the comic relief.


Coyote Cantina [Happy Hour] – Redondo Beach, CA

On a rare Friday, I was able to wrap up my business and finding myself parched from exerting my mind, I wanted to indulge in happy hour! The original plan was to head to Dance Downtown at the Music Center but ever since FastTrak took over the 110 and 10, the carpool lane has been off limits to me and the carpooling society…at least not until we all get transponders. Don’t even get me started on how retarded it is that you HAVE to have a transponder to use the carpool lane and yet, a huge number of people are still waiting to receive a transponder. *sigh*  Any way, the idea of battling traffic after a long day of work was totally no bueno. So, we looked for a new happy hour locale close to us. That led us to Coyote Cantina.

Many years ago, I really didn’t like Coyote Cantina. Subpar food and expensive prices with a dated feel. However, ever since new owners took over some years ago, I haven’t been back. Since they have an awesome happy hour, I decided to give it another shot. They offer $4 margaritas, $3 beer/wine, $0.50 taquitos, and $2 tacos. They had me at “margarita”. Continue Reading