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Shrimp & Lobster Pot Pie

Red Lobster [Shrimp & Lobster Pot Pie!] – Torrance, CA

I never watch commercials…but the words “Shrimp & Lobster Pot Pie” caught my internal fat person’s attention (i.e. my true self). Now, at this point, I must preface with the fact that I was born and raised in the midwest. Anyone from a small town will tell you that certain chain restaurants like Olive Garden […]

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mmm salmon in a ponzu bath!

King Shabu Shabu – Torrance

Last night, we hit up one of our favorite shabu shabu places – King Shabu Shabu. This place opened fairly recently (a year ago) and speaks to everything I look for in a shabu shabu eatery. It’s clean, bright, has individual pots and the ingredients are all super fresh. They have their own slicing machine […]

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